BCG Newsletters

The BCG Newsletter is a monthly publication that serves as a vital communication tool for the Big Creek Group. Its main purpose is to keep colleagues informed about the latest happenings within the organization and to share interesting insights that they may not be aware of. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics, from updates on ongoing projects to announcements about new initiatives and events. By keeping everyone up to date, the BCG Newsletter helps to foster a sense of community and collaboration within the organization, while also promoting transparency and open communication.



National Heroes of Belize

IT Newsletter – March 2023

Easter is a Time to Celebrate Family Values

IT Newsletter – April 2023

Navigating the Belize Hurricane Season

IT Newsletter – July 2023

Celebrating Emancipation Day in Belize!

IT Newsletter – August 2023

Celebrate Septemeber in Belize!

IT Newsletter – September 2023

Big Creek Group: Embracing Belize’s Rich Cultural Tapestry

IT Newsletter – November 2023