Ranking high on the Group’s focus is the health and safety of its employees.
Equally important for the Group is the protection of the environment.
Promotes a “GO GREEN” environment coupled with a “Think before you print” awareness.
Develops human resource capabilities using online platforms.

Company History

Started in 1990 as a small banana port with banana exports via barge to Honduras for transshipment to the United Kingdom.

The Port of Big Creek obtained its Port License in 2002.

The Port is ISPS certified with 4,205 meters of fully buoyed channel entrance and turning basin dredged to 11 meters supported by 618 metres of berth space.

The Big Creek Group of companies are all located in the privately-owned community of Big Creek situated in the Stann Creek District in southern Belize and is made up of Banana Enterprises Limited, Toledo Enterprise Limited (Port of Big Creek) and Belagro Agriculture.

The Group employs 260 Belizeans from the villages and surrounding communities, making the Group the single largest private employer in the south.   

And as one of the largest employers in Southern Belize, the Group understands the dynamics of village life, and is always finding ways to bring about improvement in all areas of work and family life.  

The Group is a beacon of light for southern Belize, an inspiration, a dream becoming a reality and a good Belizean corporate citizen.


What We Do

The Group provides marine port facility services, ship agency services, tug and barge services, property rental, stevedoring, storage, and the distribution of agricultural products.

Port services are provided by the Port of Big Creek, a bulk and container terminal facility.

It is the Country’s only bulk terminal facility serving several primary sector industries including banana, citrus, grain, sugar, and crude oil.

Government Customs, Immigration and Phyto- and zoo-sanitary agencies are on site and all necessary amenities such as banks, restaurants, and hotels are nearby, and so are tropical islands for your leisure.

Ship agency, stevedoring and property rental are provided by Banana Enterprises Limited.

The Group’s agricultural arm is BEL-AGRO Agriculture, the largest fertilizer and agro-chemical supplier in Belize, supporting farmers with high quality fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, always pushing the boundaries in search of sustainable solutions.

Also provided is technical advice on best-practice uses of Agro-chemicals from full-time trained agronomists to ensure maximum yields and return on investment.


Vision Statement

Vision Statement

To revolutionize the Company so that it possesses the strength of a big company and the leanness and agility of a small company.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To create sustainable economic activity aimed at improving the living and environmentalonditions of the people of southern Belize.



Dependability, Reliability, Consistency, Honesty, Efficiency, Common – Sense Approach

Business Goals & Objectives

Business Goals & Objectives

To position the Port to be included in the logistic corridor routes of some of the major shipping lines calling Belize.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Differentiation and Diversification


Big Creek is approximately 1,200 acres and is situated in the south of the country. It is the home of the only operating port facility in the south, Port of Big Creek. The Port is heavily utilized by the banana, sugar and citrus industries since it provides easy access for the exportation of these products. The Port also handles to a lesser extent significant volume of general cargo. In a signed agreement, The Group allotted a portion of the land adjacent to the Big Creek Port for the storage of crude oil coming in from the current oil production facility in Spanish Lookout for exportation. Over the years, these volumes have dropped and the country has not seen any new commercial discoveries. Nevertheless, the Group has a tank farm facility consisting of six tanks with a capacity of 60,000 barrels ready to accomodate new discoveries. Big Creek is accessible by land, air and sea. Because of its port facilities, the channel leading into the port is deep enough to be able to handle large vessels. Many small islands called cayes are scattered within an area of 10 square miles of Big Creek. These islands are easily accessible with skiffs and other larger vessels and provide an abundance of marine life and white sandy beaches. The Group continues its focus on development and expansion of the port. To date these investments exceed $100 million dollars.