International Women’s Month

As a company that values diversity and inclusivity, Big Creek Group was thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Month by treating the women of the company to a special outing at Maya Heights Belize. The evening was filled with fun games and camaraderie as we gathered to honor the incredible contributions of our female colleagues.

Throughout the evening, we enjoyed a range of activities and entertainment, including several games like white elephant and musical cup, a photoshoot, and a delicious dinner followed by dessert. There were also inspirational speeches from several of our female staff, who shared their personal experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities facing women in the workplace.

Overall, the outing was a huge success, and the women of the Big Creek Group left feeling valued, appreciated, and inspired. It was a celebration of the strength, resilience, and achievements of women, and a reminder of the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive workplace.

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