The Belize Coast Guard Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Port of Big Creek

The Belize Coast Guard held a groundbreaking ceremony at the Port of Big Creek in the Stann Creek District for a new forward operating base, marking a significant milestone in Belize’s maritime security efforts. The event was attended by distinguished guests, including the Rt. Hon. John Briceño, Hon. Florencio Marin, Hon. Oscar Mira, Hon. Rodwell Ferguson, RDML Elton Bennett, PO2 Ivan Ciego, LCDR Audibaldo Monima, and the Managing Director of Big Creek Group, Zaid Flores, among other notable guests.

The new forward operating base will be constructed in phases over a three-year period and will strengthen the Big Creek Group’s operations in providing protection for the port and its surrounding areas. It will also expand maritime operations and ensure the safety and security of the waters surrounding the port.

The Belize Coast Guard is the latest addition to the port, which already houses entities such as BAHA, Belize Customs and Immigration, and Belize Port Authority. The establishment of the new base demonstrates the government’s commitment to protecting Belize’s maritime interests and supporting economic growth in the region.

The Belize Coast Guard plays a vital role in safeguarding the country’s waters, and the new forward operating base is a significant investment in the Coast Guard’s capabilities. It will enable the Coast Guard to respond more effectively to security threats, including drug trafficking and illegal fishing activities, while also ensuring the safety of commercial and recreational vessels.

In conclusion, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new forward operating base at the Port of Big Creek is a testament to Belize’s commitment to maritime security. The new base will strengthen the Belize Coast Guard’s operations, expand maritime activities, and promote economic growth in the region.

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