Seafarer’s Job Expo 2022

Belize’s Seafarers, including Big Creek Group, the Coast Guard, the Belize Port Authority, and Immarbe, held a Maritime Expo and Job Fair, where the public was invited to learn more about life at sea – and maybe even get a chance to join the different crews.

And as a country bordered by the sea, it is those same seafarers that, not only keep us safe, but ensure that the shelves in grocery stores and pharmacies are stocked, and keep money in the pockets of tourism stakeholders.

Whether you’re guarding the seas against criminals, or serving tourists on cruise ships, or protecting Belize’s marine reserves, you’re a seafarer – and June 25th is your day.

Day of the Seafarer recognizes the services of those who chose to leave dry land behind and work at sea – or even those who ensure the checks and balances for those who go out to sea day after day.

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