ASR | BSI Facility at the Port of Big Creek

It was a proud and historic moment for stakeholders in the sugar industry, as ASR/BSI worked overtime to see a thirty million-dollar investment being made at the Port of Big Creek where sugar is stored and mechanically loaded on to deep water vessels.

In 2017, ASR/BSI moved its business from the Port of Belize to the south. It was a bold move, but one which is now paying off. With this multimillion-dollar investment it cuts down the time to load raw sugar from six weeks to five days and allows for thirty thousand tons of raw sugar to be shipped at any given time.

About one hundred and forty thousand tons of raw sugar is produced at Tower Hill annually. With thirty tons per shipment, at nineteen cents U.S. per pound, that translates to over 12.5 million U.S. dollars. 

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