🌟 Exploring the World Beyond the Classroom! 🚒

Today, the bright minds of Standard 4 from Independence Primary School embarked on an exciting field trip to the Port of Big Creek. Welcomed warmly by our dedicated port staff, the students delved into a world of knowledge about the port and its diverse services.

Engaged and enthusiastic, these young learners soaked in valuable insights, asking a myriad of questions that showcased their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Our port staff took them on an informative tour, unraveling the intricacies of port operations.

As a token of appreciation for their inquisitive minds, the students were presented with delightful treats, including some scrumptious cupcakes. It was a day filled with discovery, learning, and sweet surprises.

Kudos to Independence Primary School’s Standard 4 students for their attentiveness and eagerness to explore the workings of the Port of Big Creek! 🌐🧠🧁

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