🚢 Enhancing Security: ISPS Code Training at Big Creek Port Facility 🛳️

On August 17, 2023, a crucial training session unfolded at the Big Creek Group Training Center, marking the first drill for the ISPS year 2023-2024. This significant event aimed to fortify security measures through a simulated scenario: the entry of a contractor with an expired pass at Security Level 2.

🔒 Testing Access Control Procedures The heart of the training lay in reviewing, practicing, and evaluating the efficacy of the “Access Control Procedures.” This encompassed the coordination between Security Guards and other departments within the Port of Big Creek Port Facility, especially during various MARSEC Levels 2. The goal was to gauge the response’s effectiveness to unauthorized entry, shielding employees from potential harm, loss of property, or even loss of life.

📊 Elevating Security Awareness This training drill wasn’t just about procedures; it was about fostering a heightened sense of security awareness among all involved. By confronting simulated security threats, participants were primed to identify and mitigate potential risks and threats within the Port of Big Creek Port Facility.

🌟 A Step Toward Safer Waters With the ISPS Code training, the Port of Big Creek solidified its commitment to safeguarding its personnel and assets. By practicing and honing their responses to security breaches, they’re not just protecting the present but also paving the way for safer horizons in the future.

👷‍♀️👮‍♂️ Unity in Action This training drill exemplifies the importance of unity in maintaining a secure environment. It showcased the collaboration among departments and security personnel, highlighting the significance of a synchronized response to potential threats.

As the Big Creek Port Facility progresses into the ISPS year 2023-2024, this training sets the tone for enhanced vigilance, preparedness, and cooperation. A safer port benefits not only the facility itself but the entire community it serves.

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