🌟 Inspiring Educational Visit at the Port of Big Creek! 🚒

Last Thursday, March 14th, marked an enriching day at the Port of Big Creek as students and faculty from Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School journeyed all the way from Santa Elena, Cayo, for an insightful visit. 🌍

The visit began with a comprehensive briefing on the port’s operations, highlighting its pivotal role as a hub for various industries. From bananas to sugar, molasses to fertilizer, and even LPG, the port serves as a vital link connecting Belize to the global market. 🍌🚒

As the tour unfolded, students explored the port grounds, gaining firsthand insight into its infrastructure and witnessing the bustling activity that keeps commerce flowing smoothly. πŸ—οΈ

Beyond the educational aspect, the visit fostered invaluable connections and conversations among students and faculty, who shared their impressions and experiences throughout the day. It’s moments like these that ignite curiosity and passion for learning beyond the classroom. πŸ“šπŸ’‘

Kudos to the students and faculty of Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School for their enthusiasm and engagement, and to the Port of Big Creek for opening its doors to inspire the next generation of leaders! πŸ‘

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