🌟 Celebrating Educational Milestones at Big Creek Group 🎓

At Big Creek Group, we’ve long championed the empowerment of determined students seeking higher education, recognizing that education is the cornerstone of a prosperous future for Belize. This year, we are proud to highlight the remarkable journey of Carlos Omar Medrano, a resilient individual we’ve had the privilege to support in his educational endeavors. He was recommended by a former assisted agronomist, Edwin Gomez.

Carlos recently graduated from Zamorano Agriculture School in Honduras, showcasing his dedication to learning and passion for agriculture. His specialization in dairy farming led him to intern in Peru and Ecuador, gaining invaluable experience in intensive and extensive dairy production methods. We are delighted to announce that Carlos is now embarking on a one-year paid internship in the United States, further honing his skills at Majestic Dairy Farm in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Hailing from Bella Vista in the Stann Creek district, Carlos embodies the spirit of Belizean resilience and determination. His achievements reflect not only his hard work but also the impact of educational support provided by Big Creek Group. We are immensely proud of Carlos and extend our best wishes as he continues to make strides in the field of dairy farming.

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